Destructoid is one of the many publications on hand at the Tokyo Game Show this week in order to snag hands-on coverage and previews with all of the latest and greatest the gaming industry has to offer. And, no, I’m not jealous of their chance to visit Japan at all, thanks a lot for bringing it up.

The team managed to snag a shot of the enormous cases for the upcoming PS Vita games. Yep, they’re big, and the games are so small. I’ll call it “overkill,” but perhaps Sony elected to make them the same size as Blu-ray cases with the intention to please consumers obsessed with organized media shelves.

Here’s Destructoid‘s shot of the Japanese case for Uncharted: Golden Abyss:

I can’t be the only one that finds the bulk above a bit unnecessary, can I? Sure, the idea that my PS3 games will line up perfectly with my PS Vita titles is mentally pleasing. But what about this whole green push the industry has been going for recently. They’ve pulled entire instruction booklets from software, and they even created this material friendly case solution:

The PS Vita case above took one look at mother nature and laughed.

But, hey, the system still looks sweet.

[via Destructoid]