Magazines are supposed to be a killer feature of Apple's iPad, right?  As it turns out, not all publishers truly 'get it' quite yet.  Mainly Newsweek, who's charging a whopping $5 per weekly issue — a number that passes the price of its print subscription faster than you can open your wallet.  It doesn't end there, oh no!  They've concocted a move so genius that all other app developers are sure to jump on the bandwagon.  They made each weekly issue an app of its own.  Yes, for the mere price of $100 you can fill one homescreen with issues of Newsweek.  The guts of both Newsweek and GQ are clearly beta versions of a tablet UI because they really don't follow simple logic.  Content is hidden in different orientations with so much concentration on the text of each article, they sometimes leave out what separates a magazine from the rest of the competition; the images.  Hopefully as these start to be used on real device, they'll figure out a way to give these digital issues some depth.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

Take a look at the video above for a speedy walkthrough of Newsweek, GQ, and Popular Science.  Which one do you think best captures the essence of a magazine?  If you find a super compelling digital magazine, be sure to share it in the comments!!

[Via DaringFireball]