Atlus has revealed a new teaser site hinting that we’ll be getting a follow-up or a spin-off of its Nintendo DS cult-classic Radiant Historia. The full reveal is expected to come later this week with the next issue of Famitsu when it hits shelves March 23.

The teaser site, which is an extension of the first game’s official website, has an English quote to help pitch the game, and it reads:

In the near future, a history once told will unfold again. And an unknown path will come to be known.

More details, platforms, and other information are expected later this week.

A JRPG worth revisiting… again and again

The JRPG genre found a second life on the Nintendo DS after it failed to catch on with the HD consoles of the previous generation, and aside from the colossal success of Dragon Quest IXRadiant Historia easily takes a second place as one of the best original JRPGs to hit the platform. It launched in 2010 in Japan and came to North America in 2011 where it saw a limited run and surge in price on the secondhand market.

After, Atlus republished the game to meet demand, and it started to gain traction as a cult-classic hit.

And it deserves it, too. The battle system is familiar it classic JRPGs yet fresh in its own way. The music from Final Fantasy XV  Yoko Shimomura is always great to listen to, and its use of time-travel in the story rivals that of even Chrono Trigger.

I’ve always wanted to go back and give it another chance, and with a potential sequel on the way, I now have the perfect excuse to do so!