Culdcept is not a gaming franchise that has worked its way into every home, but it will always certainly be welcome into mine. The PlayStation 2 board/puzzle/strategy game is one of the console’s most under-appreciated cult hits, and attempts to turn it into something bigger on the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 always came up short in North America.

In Japan, though, the franchise is still alive and well with Culdcept Revolt just confirmed for a release on the Nintendo 3DS this coming July 7. Pre-order bonuses and other details were spelled out in the Nintendo Direct presentation, but sadly, a North American release was mentioned.

I think I found my new game to push for on the localization front!

For those who haven’t played Culdcept, imagine it as a mix between Magic: The Gathering and Monopoly, a board game that uses cards to battle one another. What helps it stand out from other Japanese card games is that it uses traditional Western art as opposed to plucky, adorable anime characters. Yes, we’ve reached a point in Japan where generic fantasy is now refreshing!

Why do you think Dragon’s Dogma was such a hit?

With the recent resurgence of board games in North America and booming interest in card games as well, I can see Culdcept doing much better for itself nowadays than it did 10 or 15 years ago. All that remains is for someone to step up and deliver?

Atlus, Aksys, XSEED? Who’s it going to be?