CSI: Miami

CBS really likes working with Netflix. So much so that the network is not only re-epping its deal with the streaming service, but also bringing CSI: Miami along for the ride.

Speaking at an event this week, CBS CEO Les Moonves told Deadline that his network was very happy with its relationship with Netflix.  While nothing has been made official yet, it appears that the contract between the two will be renewed and that the company "will get more money for this and we will have better visibility onto which shows will go into those packages."

As we said, nothing is official as of yet, but to hear Moonves say it, he's in love with the Netflix deal.  In addition to the current library of shows – which he stated Star Trek was the most popular – the recently canceled, but still immensely popular, CSI: Miami will be joining the Watch Instantly collection.  At last, you will be able to pull up Horatio's bad puns that open each episode at will!

[via Deadline]