Counter-Strike -Global Offensive - 3

Sprays and Graffiti have returned to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The latest update for the shooter features their return.

There's a catch, though. Once you get these sprays and elect to unseal them, you can use them 50 times before you either have to get them again in a loot box or pony up some real money to buy more.

Here's how Valve describes it in their official update FAQ.

How many times can I use a graffiti pattern?

When a player unseals graffiti they can apply that pattern 50 times. Players who unseal a graffiti pattern they already have in their Inventory will receive 50 additional charges to their existing supply.

How do I get in-game graffiti?

There are three ways players can get in-game graffiti:

Players have a chance to receive Graffiti as a free weekly drop for ranking up.

Graffiti Boxes featuring art created by Steam Community Artists can be purchased. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Community Graffiti Boxes is shared among the community artists.

Individual Graffiti patterns can be purchased from the Steam Market.

Suddenly, I'm glad Overwatch's spray system is permanent once you earn each spray or buy it with credits. This whole notion of only having 50 uses is bogus. Heck, I spray the same area like five times just to make sure I have things lined up.

What do you think of this choice, CS:GO fans?