Crytek, the house behind Crysis and the CryEngine, has opened a brand new developing studio in Austin, TX. That’s good news, but this next bit is even better.

The 35 developers they hired to fill the office came from Vigil. Vigil was the studio behind the Darksider franchise, and, if you remember correctly, the biggest game and group of developers not picked up for cheap during the THQ auction. Without a buyer during that auction, Vigil had to close its doors and layoff its entire staff. We’re not even a week away from that occurrence, and a lot of those folks now have new jobs.

For good measure, the new CEO of Crytek USA is David Adams, the former General Manager and co-owner of Vigil.

This new office will be known as Crytek USA; but, before you ask, they don’t intend to give fresh life to Darksiders. Instead, according to Crytek’s Jens Schafer by way of Gamasutra, this is a fresh start for the former Vigil team.

Crytek is currrently working on Homefront 2 (which they bought in the THQ auction) and Crysis 3. Hopefully this new studio will bring us a fresh IP to gawk at. Or maybe even a new Timesplitters game.