Pretty much all of the news related to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been negative since director James Gunn was fired in July. The last time we got an update we learned the movie was put on indefinite hold as Marvel searches for a director. Yet, even through the tough times, there are always glimmers of hope and the next Guardians just got one from Mary Poppins y’all.

Well not exactly Mary Poppins, but Yondu (who was referred to the nickname in Guardians Vol. 2) actor Michael Rooker. Yondu famously sacrificed himself at the end of the sequel to save his adopted son Peter Quill. It was a very touching moment and a great way to send off one of the key characters of the first two Guardians movies, but if Rooker gets his way, he may return for the next movie.

During a Q&A session at a convention, Rooker talked about his character and the experience of working on the Guardians movies when he was asked about possibly returning for the next installment in the franchise. His answer gave fans a glimmer of hope.

It depends on how much I got paid. Of course I would totally love to do it again, it would be awesome. No, I’m just saying. I’m not giving any hints right now. I’m just saying that Yondu has moved on… There’s this arrow and it flew off into space. It’s going somewhere right? I mean, right? Don’t you think? If it’s going it could, maybe, perhaps one day come back. Hint! That’s a hint, Marvel!

There is still no clear timeframe for when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will get made, but whenever that is, Rooker is ready to put on the blue makeup again. For fans of the franchise, it’s nice to hear some good news regarding the movie.

Even though Yondu is dead, characters have a tendency to come back. Half of the Avengers are currently dead (including every Guardian except Rocket Raccoon) yet we’re expecting them to return for Avengers 4. Why should it be any different for Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?