Crossy Road has slowly but surely become one of my main time-waster games on my phone. If you’ve been with TechnoBuffalo long enough, you probably know that mobile gaming really isn’t my bag. I do it during downtime on commutes, in waiting rooms or during long travel. Beyond that? I stick to the traditional stuff.

Crossy Road, though, has been my latest obsession. It’s an infinite runner-ish meets Frogger. I’m not alone, it seems. The developer, Hipster Whale, revealed that it has made a boat load of money with the game. The crazy bit? It’s free-to-play, and it’s generous with its content.

Speaking with Polygon for an exceptional feature, that you should read by hitting the source link below, Hipster Whale revealed that in the few months since its launch, Crossy Road has earned $10 million.

The thing is, this game comes without obligations to pay. You can buy stuff, sure, but only if you want. You can play as often as you want, there are no ad bars on the screen and you can earn and unlock things at a nice, even pace. If you want to earn them faster, you can watch an ad video or pay money. But that’s up to you.

In mobile gaming, or free-to-play specifically, there’s this term for consumers that spend a lot of money on the genre. They’re called whales. They’re rare, making up a fraction of the audience. And whales support free-to-play games by making massive purchases within them.

Matt Hall of Hipster Whale talked about how he’s avoiding the whale hunt, so to speak. They’re appealling to all users with simple and obligation free play instead of going after whales with pay walls and pay-to-win play.

“Once you realize you don’t have to hunt whales, and you can make money in this way, then hopefully people will give it a shot, and we’ll get lots of cool stuff on the app store…”

I’m completely down with that logic, aren’t you?

Have you played Crossy Road? I’ve played for a few hours, and I haven’t spent a dime. Even better, I feel like it’s a good game with that mentality employed.