seven-samuraiHulu has announced that it is adding the 800 films of the Criterion Collection to Hulu Plus.

The Criterion Collection, a selection of 800 films from around the world, that are known for their elaborate presentations on DVD, is coming to Hulu Plus in its entirety.  Now, opposed to paying $30 plus dollars per movie, you’ll be able to watch all you can for $7.99 a month.

While there are a lot of films in the collection that you have never heard of because of their rarity, there are also some real standouts that you have probably heard of a thousand times, but never had a chance to watch.  You can check out some true gems such as Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai or Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights,  and you’ll also have a chance to check out other films from all around the world and through the decades.

While Hulu has been known primarily for TV programs from the major U.S. broadcast networks, the addition of the Criterion Collection seems to be an indication that the company has bigger targets such as Netflix in its sights.  Could we be seeing the first salvo in a new assault on the Watch Instantly service?  Considering that Criterion used to be part of Netflix, it would definitely seem that way.

It seems unlikely that this will have that large of an impact of Netflix, but should more companies jump ship, than it might be time for people to start to wonder if we are entering a full-blown Netflix Vs. Hulu war, and it’s hard to tell who would be the winner in such a situation.

What say you?  Is Criterion jumping ship from Netflix to Hulu a good or bad thing?

[via Hulu]