Be careful because some things just can’t be unseen. Engadget Japan has discovered a new iPhone case modeled after the dead carcass of a beloved giant isopod which passed away earlier this  year at the Toba Aquarium. It died because it had not eaten in five years. Yes, I am having trouble understanding what I just wrote as well.

One more time, this iPhone case was modeled after the remains of a popular animal from an aquarium in Japan, and people are really holding that creepy thing up against their head. I’ve seen Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan more than enough time to know that putting something like that so close to my ear can’t end well, no matter the situation.  It doesn’t even look comfortable or convenient, just incredibly weird.

It must be well protected at least when placed face down considering those shells are rock solid and can turn away most predators.

The case was put on sale at the Niconico Chokaigi3, a “a grand-scale Niconico fan event” held in Chiba, just east of Tokyo. It was created through a collaboration between provider KDDI au and the Toba Aquarium itself. One thousand of these abominations were made for 7,380 yen (US$72) each, but they were sold exclusively at the show for only 3,000 yen ($29).

For comparison’s sake, here is a video of the actual animal that it is modeled after. I suppose this was the Toba Aquarium’s way of immortalizing its deceased pet. It certainly didn’t turn a profit on the cases.

I’ve always said it was time to leave Japan if there was ever a week when I wasn’t forced to do a double take. KDDI au and the Toba Aquarium have my requirement satisfied for the next five years I think.