What would you do to get a job? Beg and plead? Grease some palms? Cry until someone (anyone) took pity on you? Or maybe coming up with a brilliantly creative scheme is more your speed. Well, if you need inspiration, there’s plenty right across the pond. Take Adam Pacitti of England and France’s Phillippe Dubost.

Last month, Pacitti ransacked his piggy bank to take out a billboard directing people to EmployAdam.com, which features this video (bottom). The portrait style framing, white limbo background, voice-over narration — seems a bit familiar. It’s just a wee bit Applesque, no? Only cheekier.

Then there’s Phillippe Dubost. Clearly he had a different tech powerhouse in mind when he dreamed up this alternate take on a curriculum vitae. The web product manager cast himself as a product on a faux Amazon shopping page, with skills listed as features in the description.

There are so many awesome things about this, it’s tough to pick out my favorite one. Perhaps it’s the inventory count. (“Only 1 left in stock — Order soon.”) Or maybe the Professional Experience cast as the Customer Reviews section. Also charming are the call-outs — on an Amazon product page, those are usually filled with helpful user review comments, but Dubost populated them with quotes from references. 

I don’t know if these approaches are the way forward for job hunting, but at least one thing is very obvious — the days of sending out traditional resumes are numbered. And even if these guys don’t find their dream jobs right away, they have surely gotten publicity, and that bodes pretty well for their future.

What’s the most creative resume you’ve ever made/seen/received? Let us know in the comments!