rockmanxNone of video gaming’s most iconic mascots have been twisted and malformed more so than Mega Man. Outside of the original NES series, the Blue Bomber’s legacy expands more than five different iterations of the character across handheld RPGs, third-person action-adventures, mini-games, and 16-bit upgrades to the simple run and gun platforming formula that made him popular.

After being destroyed and rebuilt so many times, what will the next Mega Man iteration look like? Well, Capcom seems to think you have the answer. The latest game in the long running series is an iOS social RPG titled Mega Man Xover (read “cross over’) in which the look and abilities of Mega Man are in your hands.

Simply put, the Mega Man universe collapses upon itself, and Dr. Wily, Sigma, and many other villains from the expansive lore “cross over” into each others’ universes and create a super robot army. Pretty typical plan for the evil super geniuses, but this time all the traditional robot builds are trapped beyond the dimensional split. The only way to defeat the latest threat is work along side Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack in creating your own custom Mega Man to take into battle alongside every other fanboys’ ideal design they’ve been sweating over since the 1980s.

Essentially a real life version of Mega Man EXE, the iOS game will be designed for casual gamers, so don’t expect a vast array of armor choices or deep and seamless RPG combat. It’s a simple game for all to enjoy, whether you’re a fan looking for a quick fix or entirely new to the 25 year old series.

What a better way to celebrate 25 years of solid 2D platforming action than with a cheap looking iOS game? Thanks Capcom, but I would rather be playing Mega Man Legends 3.

[via Siliconera and Adriasang]