We pretty much know exactly what the iPhone 8 will look like. It’s on par with everything that we’re seeing from smartphones this year—bezel-less display, wireless charging and AR capabilities. But what if Apple has chosen to broke the mold instead and go in a completely different direction?

That’s the genesis of Concepts iPhone’s idea that reimagines what a iPhone would look like with side displays, reversible cameras and 360-degree speakers and it is something out of a sci-fi movie.

Concepts iPhone’s newest video doesn’t go through the with the bezel-less fad and instead places its focus on repurposing the edges, cameras and speakers. Gone are the buttons that adorn the sides and in their place are two side displays that show smart buttons and widgets for quick information. The right side will have a button that will be lead you home with a press and lock the phone with a deep press.

It’s a complete re-thinking of how a phone functions.

Taking it a step further is a reversible dual camera system that will serve as both the front and back-facing cameras. Gone is the subpar selfie camera that always pales in comparison to the much better main camera.

At the top and bottom will be 360-degree cameras that emit sound from the front and back, essentially functioning as four speakers flanking all sides of the phone for the most immersive audio experience ever in a smartphone. The camera and speaker together will provide a top-notch AR experience.

Concepts iPhone crazy new idea is certainly something. It should also be considered by big-time phone manufacturers because I’d pick one up right away. You can check its concept down below.