Are concept artists jumping the shark a bit? Perhaps. The latest is a concept for the iPhone 8 — by our calculations that’s four generations away from the current iPhone — and it’s pretty darn wacky.

The artist, Jermaine Smit, imagines an iPhone with displays on both sides. This isn’t unheard of. The YotaPhone and YotaPhone 2 had dual displays, though one was e-ink.  The iPhone 8 concept imagined by Smit has a 480p display on one side and a 2K display on the other. It looks kind of like an iPhone 5 but with a much larger camera and the lack of a Home button. Smit also imagines a laser keyboard coming out of the side of the phone and wireless charging.

Nope, Apple won’t ever create this phone, but it’s fun to see what artists dream up. Check out the video below and the gallery above for a closer look.