Your friends are going to kill you when they find out you're playing Crawl.

That's the whole point of Crawl, a pixel art arcade game that popped up on Steam Greenlight overnight. Crawl joins the ranks of Nidhogg and other recent games that eschew not only single player gaming but online multiplayer as well, instead going after local multiplayer as a primary mechanic.

Designed for 2-4 players, Crawl puts one player in the shoes of the hero forced to navigate the Lovecraftian caverns, while the other one to three players possess the monsters, traps, and other hazards to try to eliminate the hero. Your reward for taking down the hero is to possess the hero yourself and continue the quest.

Crawl has RPG-style leveling and magic items, if you can last that long, and randomly generated dungeons. Games take about 30 minutes, according to the developer's description of the title.

More and more PC games are banking on local multiplayer, both cooperative and versus, making the idea of having a Steam box or gaming PC connected in the living room that much more interesting.