Crash Bandicoot was the closest Sony ever came to having a mascot that could compete with the likes of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. He was so popular that Sony even began production of a 90s cartoon starring him, but the final release was ultimately canceled.

Clips from this show leaked over the weekend, showing off what looks like an introduction or a mini-pilot episode. What else is there to say? Crash waylays the plans of his nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex using typical wacky 90s cartoon antics. Exactly as you'd expect. It's as annoying and generic as the rest of the non-Warner Bros. cartoons from your childhood, to the point where it even has a "sexy" bandicoot girlfriend strapped to a table.

Pro-tip, watch it without sound for a truly surreal experience. Plus, I never realized this until today, but the gigantic "N" slapped on Cortex's head is obviously a rip against Nintendo.

Of course, the rest is history. Crash Bandicoot proved to not have legs beyond a single generation of consoles, and Sony ended up selling him, along with Spyro the Dragon, to Activision. Spyro would go on to be the initial face of the massively successful Skylanders franchise, and Crash Bandicoot?

Well… let's the just say that cartoon's twist ending, in which Crash Bandicoot dies on an exploding blimp, has a lot more meaning in retrospect.