Crash Bandicoot

Not that he was lingering on anyone's mind these days, but the once iconic Crash Bandicoot seems to have outlived his usefulness with Activision. The company had chosen his PlayStation-era rival Spyro the Dragon over him to be the face of Skylanders, and it has unceremoniously scrubbed any trace of him from its official website.

The poor mascot, once praised for his genius 3D platforming games, now finds himself without a home and could possibly find his way back into the arms of Sony. Rumor's have been abound that Sony picked him back up, but that remains unconfirmed. A Reddit post from Redditor cocobandicoot has a great timeline on Crash's recent history.

If Sony did reach out and snag Crash Bandicoot back into its ranks, what would it possibly want with him? Maybe the whole Knack thing didn't work out the way Sony wanted. The age of animal mascots is long since over, but the age of nostalgia for a more innocent time in gaming is in full gear. Who better to lead that charge for Sony?

A bigger question that should be on everyone's mind is if Naughty Dog will have the time to take a break from Uncharted and The Last of Us to get serious about another Crash Bandicoot game, or has the studio who created him matured too much in his absence?