With all the confusion and downright nasty atmosphere surrounding the status of lost gaming icon Crash Bandicoot, it seems like nobody knows what’s going on. Does Sony own him? Does Activision own him? Does Sony want anything to do with him? Does Activision want anything to do with him?

Who knows? The only ones losing here, though, are fans, who must wait longer as business executives continue to ignore the market for the forgotten hero.

As it turns out, Activision does indeed still own Crash Bandicoot, and it might finally be getting tired of being seen as the “bad guy” in this whole affair with a new project starring Crash possibly in the works. According to Singapore retailer Qisahn, a project with Skylanders is currently in development called “Crash Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack,” and it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

The screencap was captured over at All Games Delta, at the source link below, and it no doubt ruins a surprise that Sony planned to drop during its E3 2016 press conference. That is, of course, if it’s real.

How about it, though? If it meant the revival of Crash Bandicoot, sending a message to Activision that he indeed does have a potential audience, would you buy into Skylanders? Likewise, should Activision take it as a hint that interest does not exist for the character if his Skylanders figurine sells poorly?