Crash Bandicoot finally returned to his home on the PlayStation this past weekend at the PlayStation Experience. The remaster of the original trilogy, first promised to us at E3 2016, finally has some gameplay backing it up, and the iconic character has never looked better.

No seriously, this is the best character model we’ve ever seen of him. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy uses all the same level designs and gameplay mechanics, but it does so with a fresh coat of paint. I gotta say, seeing a PSOne era game with that kind of visual finesse hit me as a bit jarring at first. It might take a while for this to set in.

I gotta say, seeing PSOne era gameplay with that kind of visual finesse hit me as a bit jarring at first. It might take a while for this to set in.

Crash has a new pair of pants in Vicarious Visions

Of course, Naughty Dog has bigger fish to fry these days than remastering a few PSOne games, so this project was left in the laps of Vicarious Visions, an Activision-owned studio responsible for various Skylanders expansions and ports of its other biggest properties. In an update on PlayStation Blog, Dan Tanguay explains how his team is approaching the project with the fans in mind.

The first step in our remaster plus was to truly understand what made the Naughty Dog games special and why fans still love them to this day. The best way to understand a game is to play it, and boy, did we play the Crash games. We played them to the point that we broke controllers from mashing the jump button too much. We studied original concept art and commercials for inspiration. And we went even further back to understand the material that originally inspired Naughty Dog, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Looney Tunes.

He makes sure to point out that this is neither a remake or a remaster, falling somewhere in between. The old assets are impossible to re-use nowadays and can’t be remastered, and despite the levels being built from scratch, they are too similar to be called a “remake.”

It’s practically impossible to make a traditional remaster of the original Naughty Dog games. They’re roughly 20 years old, and technology has advanced significantly in that time. The original code and assets are nearly unusable. Nearly.

But we don’t consider this a remake. We know how much you all love the original games, so we didn’t want to fully remake them. The N. Sane Trilogy is a remaster plus.

Your buzzword of the week, folks! I’m not even going to bother with that one. I’m just happy that Vicarious Visions has this remaster looking brilliant so far. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will be released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

See the PlayStation Blog update for more details.