Oh memes. Since the resurgence of Crash Bandicoot in the video game world, young and old gamers alike have become fascinated by his classic "WHOA" voice clip. Upon dying in the original series, the mascot will spaz like a maniac out and deliver a poorly sampled "WHOA" sound bit.

It has been used time and time again across the internet over the last few weeks, culminating here in the ultimate eventual and inevitable usage: as a DOOM mod. Because if you can mod this game to be played on a chainsaw, you should have no problem uploading Crash Bandicoot into it.

And somehow, the results are even more frightening than the actual demons of DOOM themselves!

What hell hath the internet wrought this time? Whatever it is, I'll gladly hope and pray that it remains on Mars, where it belongs. Not even IDDQD will save you now!