When it was announced that popular online classified ads site Craigslist would be shutting down its “Adult Services” section in the United States, you would have thought it was akin to a book burning from the fervor that came up over it. Apparently when it happens everywhere else in the world hardly anyone notices it.

This past Sept., under much protest, Craigslist shut down its “Adult Services” section in every city the site services across the United States. The questionable section remained intact in all the international versions of the site, but in the U.S. it was replaced with a black bar that simply said “censored”. Thus far there has been no public comment from the company in regards to the international shut downs, but there was no comment-made-via-graphic this time around, the sections simply disappeared from the world.

craigslist servicesThe funny part of this whole saga is that it was actually users who asked for the section to be created due to the dating sections being overrun by the adult professionals, but yet it was the government that said people needed to be protected from these types of ads all together.  It appears that there are still many adult ads on classified sites across the Internet, they just aren’t on Craigslist any more.

It would appear that we have witnessed the end of an era for Craigslist, but probably one that everyone would rather just forget happened.

What say you?  Was Craigslist right to remove the controversial section?