Crackdown ranks among my absolute favorite Xbox 360 exclusive games if not sitting at the very tip, top of that list. Like many of you out there, I picked this game up in 2007 to snag a code for the Halo 3 beta occurring a few months after launch…

…and ultimately loved Crackdown far more than I ever did Halo 3.

And now, if you're a stranger to this cult-hit, you can check out why people love it absolutely free. The game is currently available for free on the Xbox Marketplace, and it can be played on both the Xbox 360 and with enhanced graphics on the Xbox One.

Act fast because there is no telling how long this deal will last.

Crackdown is an open world game in which you control a special agent who works for the Agency, an organization dedicated to eliminating crime in Pacific City. As an agent, your job is to exercise the roles of judge, jury, and executioner, eliminating crime bosses as you work your way up the ladder.

Where this differs from most other open world games is in progression. Unlike the restrictive, mission-based structure of Rockstar games, Crackdown grants you the freedom to approach all crime bosses how you see fit. Do your research, tackle them in any order, find the best entrance into their headquarters, and eliminate them in any way you deem painful enough. No restrictions, no rules, just an absolute tear at your own pace through the Pacific City underworld.

Crackdown is also highly regarded for its character progression in that every action you take improves your agent in some way. Use enough grenades, your explosions will become bigger. Fire enough guns, your character become more efficient and deadly with that weapon. Running over criminals improves your driving skills, and best of all, collecting the addictive "Agility Orbs" located on every rooftop of the city increases your mobility and jump strength.

By the game's end, you'll be soaring through the city skyline with a single leap, and there is no better game out there at creating this sensation.

This free deal has no timeline, so there is no telling how long it will be free for. Scoop it up while you can, and be sure to keep Crackdown 3 on your radar, which launches in early 2019.

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