Well, Microsoft just went ahead and confirmed that the two Xbox One games I am most interested in seeing will not be appearing at E3 2015. The convention is simply too large to squeeze everything in, but why did the two games I want to see the most get pushed back?

As per the Xbox Wire, Platinum Games’ and Hideki Kamiya’s dragon action game “thing” Scalebound and the reboot/sequel/remake “thing” Crackdown will be skipping the Xbox press conference next week, and instead, we will see more at Europe’s gamescom in August.

Rest assured that titles like CrackdownQuantum Break and Scalebound will be front and center at gamescom along with new game reveals for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

We already knew that Quantum Break will also not be appearing, but the three delays are a bit of a hit against the “niche” appeal of Xbox One at E3. The three products that are the most confusing and wrapped in mystery are not made for the big stage, meaning Microsoft will be playing it safe with Halo, Tomb Raider, Call of DutyAssassin’s Creed, and a whole lot of media apps and non-gaming news. It’s going to be a long, predictable two hours, isn’t it?

I guess this means that gamescom is now the place to pay attention to for those who like something a little off the beaten path. E3 is too important to take risks anymore.