What looks to be a countdown site for the upcoming Crackdown 3 has gone live, discovered by a member of the game’s own forums.

The language referring to the “Agency” and to the reader as “Agent” is very evocative of the Crackdown games’ language and features, as seen above, a series of dates beginning with today and ending July 7. We could be looking at some news about the game as early as today, and an easy conclusion would suggest July 7 as being the date a multiplayer beta starts or ends.

The gibberish code on the site features language like “BETA_INIT” and the numbers in the site header translate to “TOP SECRET.”

It’s very little to go on, really, but gamers – ourselves included – are very hungry for anything related to Crackdown 3. The original was such a great surprise that it seemed like it should’ve become one of Xbox’s core franchises, but the sequel was so bad that we saw neither hide nor hair of the game for a solid 5 years. Hopefully, though, we’ll know more later today.