We’ve been waiting for a long time for information on Crackdown 3. Through years and multiple delays, the team has been pretty silent aside from a tech demo and a few tidbits here and there. It’s gotten bad enough that fans are worried the game may end up canceled. But the game is still coming, and we won’t have to wait much longer for news. The official Crackdown twitter lit up yesterday afternoon to let us know that some more information is “on the horizon.”

As to whether that means it’ll be part of Thursday’s specs reveal for the Scorpio system, the team says that they “have no insight into what other teams are working on, but Crackdown news will start rolling out BIG TIME in the coming months.”

Development delays on both the game’s single and multiplayer factored into the game not seeing light in 2016.

Is it the game we think it is?

When the trailer for Crackdown 3 hit in 2015, it showed off a world with massively destructible geometry that was so complicated it required a connection to Microsoft’s servers to get the extra power necessary to compute what was going on. We’re not talking about the power gap between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 Pro, or even the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio, either. The original trailer said that cloud computing would allow for “20 times the power” of an Xbox One to be put into making that destruction happen. So if the Xbox Scorpio is roughly four times the power of an Xbox One, that’d still be four Scorpio systems.

There’s been concern among both fans and press that the Crackdown we’re going to get isn’t the one they showed us in the trailer above. Not that it’s not going to be a good game, but that the mass destruction promised may have become an impossible proposition, or the dev team may have become gun-shy about releasing an always-online game despite the game’s very physics requiring it.

Either way, I’m excited for more news about Crackdown 3. The original was a surprise on the Xbox 360, and I’m hoping this game lives up to its legacy. Too bad they never made Crackdown 2 though, right?