Thanks to the sharp eyes on the guys over at PCGamesN, Crackdown 3 can now be considered a heavy contender as an early Xbox One exclusive.

During Yusef Mehdi’s presentation on the entertainment and TV demo during the Xbox One reveal a few days ago, a brief graphic in the background revealed an interesting hint. In the lower left hand corner of the screen, a shape which is clearly one of the green agility markers from the Crackdown series is visible.

One could guess that this merely represents Crackdown or Crackdown 2 on an achievement list as well, which is a possiblity, but remember that the Xbox One is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 software and won’t be able to play either game at launch.

If Crackdown 3 is indeed going to make an early appearance as one of the 15 promised exclusives during the Xbox One’s first year, then microsoft would do well to officially announce it soon. It would immediately climb to the top of the pile as a must own exclusive for those still on the fence with buying the console.

The first Crackdown was a surprising early release on the Xbox 360, where it came bundled with a free Halo 3 demo. Crackdown 2 wasn’t as well received, but many believe that the series is one of the best exclusive offerings Microsoft’s console had.

Ruffian Games created the most recent game in the series, but has confirmed that they are not working on Crackdown 3. Whoever is will be a new developer since the first game’s studio, Realtime Worlds, shut its doors a few years ago.