Despite hand wringing among industry analysts and press, Microsoft is sticking hard to their Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, which allows any game in the program to be purchased and played on both Xbox One and PC. The next game to join the trend will be Microsoft’s Crackdown 3. Word comes via the official Crackdown 3 Twitter account.

It’s not exactly a surprise

Xbox Play Anywhere has been present for all of Microsoft’s big releases since this last fall, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It’s given Forza access to a whole new audience, while finally letting PC gamers back into Gears of War. It’d be more of a surprise to see it remain console exclusive.

A game with Xbox Play Anywhere, if purchased from Microsoft’s Xbox or Windows digital marketplaces, will be available for the player on both platforms at no additional cost. The service also features cross-platform saves and achievements, and where applicable, cross-platform play.

We’re expecting Microsoft to give the game a big unveiling at E3 this year during their show on June 11, 2017.