The cellular landscape in the United States has become increasing small over the last decade as the big boys like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have been buying up the smaller service providers at record pace. With that being said, it’s not often we report on a new entrant into the cellular provider industry, but today we are doing just that.

After almost a year of testing and trial & error, Cox Communications is officially launching it’s wireless service. What kind of makes me chuckle is the official name of the service is “Unbelievably Fair” and residents in Orange County, California, Omaha, Nebraska and Hampton Roads, Virginia will have the privilege of subscribing to Unbelievably Fair service plans.


So what constitutes Unbelievably Fair in the world of Cox Cellular? Well, monthly service will be available for $40 and Cox is really thinking outside the box in that they are planning offers such as refunding monies for unused minutes up to a $20 per month. Like other providers, Cox will also offer bundled packages that include home phone, wireless service, home data connection as well as television service.

The Cox service will be utilizing the Sprints 3G network and users will be able to choose from devices like he HTC Desire and Motorola Droid, both of which run the Android operating system. Cox has also made it clear in the past that they have interest in building their own network using the 4G LTE technology, but there has been no timeline on that implementation.

The Unbelievably Fair wireless service is available now in the select markets and Cox plans to expand service in areas where it has a strong presence with their cable television service.

Do you think the Cox entrance into the cellular landscape will have a trickle down effect for competition? Or do you think they are so small the big boys will brush them away like a little gnat?