Earlier in November, Samsung requested Apple hand over settlement details between HTC and Apple regarding patent disputes.  While Apple initially agreed to release the agreed upon terms sans financial data, Samsung claimed the financial information was vital to determine whether or not Apple’s request to pull Samsung’s product off shelves was justified.  Samsung is claiming that if Apple is indeed licensing any of its “user experience” patents, then there is no reason to block the sale of devices that carry those features on HTC devices.  Especially considering Samsung’s $1 billion+ payout is likely greater than any agreement between HTC and Apple, Samsung feels the financial penalty is severe enough.

While Judge Paul S. Grewal is skeptical of Samsung’s claim, he nonetheless granted the request, he reluctantly did so with the condition it should only be viewed by the attorneys involved with the case.

I don’t know how well this secret will be kept, I’m sure leaks will bring us the specifics behind the HTC-Apple settlement. At any rate, we’ll find out more on Dec. 6th when a hearing is set for an injunction.

[via Verge]