Valve made Steam a reality on the PlayStation 3 when it launched Portal 2 back in April. That fact, and its potential, was greatly overshadowed by the hacking of the PlayStation Network, the subsequent downtime players suffered and the buzz surrounding the network breach that happened during the same week.

Still, Valve set the foundation for this update back then. Now, according to Kotaku's hands-on with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the next entry in the CS series will feature cross-platform play between the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.

The Xbox 360 version will not be able to play with any other version of Counter-Strike: GO, thus the forever alone imagery you see to the right.

Moreover, Kotaku also stated that the PlayStation 3 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will allow for players to use their keyboard and mouse in addition to the Move and traditional controller. Old school Counter-Strike fanatics that own a PS3 but not a strong gaming computer will actually be able to use the more preferred and classic control configuration for the series, as well as gaming with possibly old server pals still playing on big rigs.

The Xbox 360 version will only include support for the standard Xbox controller.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be a download-only title for Steam, Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Store. Kotaku asked Valve's Chet Faliszek about pricing for the title, but the writer would not indicate any plans for pricing. In fact, he said the company is more concerned with making a great game for the moment, and that they'll worry about details like pricing later.

As for Counter-Strike fans out there, for which platform will you be making your purchase when this game drops early in 2012? Assuming the specs don't blow my computer into a million tiny bits, I'll be rolling the Steam version for the sake of posterity. Playing Counter-Strike on a console just feels weird to me, am I wrong?

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