For a product that people seem to love to complain about it missing certain features (i.e. Flash support), it seems that Apple is selling the iPad by the truckload. As a matter of fact, it is selling so many units that some analysts think it could blow past gaming hardware and cell phones next year. Yes folks, it appears the iPad is here to stay for some time.

ipad newspaperAccording to an article from CNBC’s Behind The Money column yesterday, it is estimated that Apple is selling 4.5 million iPads per quarter currently and the number is expected to climb even higher next year.  It crushed the iPhone’s one million units sold in the first quarter of its lifecycle in a mere 30 days.  The DVD player, the fastest ever non-phone technology to be adopted, sold only 350,000 units its first year, but the iPad laughs at that number.  (As the source article pointed out, and we agree, DVD players are a world of difference from the iPad, but the speed of adoption is the focus)

Analysts are now saying that in 2011 the iPad should move enough units to generate $9 billion dollars in sales, and if it was considered a category it would be the fourth largest consumer electronics product category all on its own.

Even as an iPad owner, and one who uses it daily, I kinda have to go, “Really?”

I love my iPad, and it is never very far away from me, but even I think the potential of it selling this many units is kind of crazy. What are people using it for so much that they need to buy this many of them? Even the latest polls show that people have mixed feelings on the thing, but apparently people are just going to keep flocking to it.

What is it that is luring them in? Can other tablets expect the same reaction, or will this be another case of the Apple Reality Distortion Field kicking in and convincing everyone that the iPad is the one they need?

If I had the answers to these questions, I would probably be a rich man myself, but, alas, I don’t. Instead it is just merely our lot in life to wonder what it is that will make people buy so many of these iPads … all while using our own.

What say you? Can you figure out why Apple is selling so many iPads?