At D9 today, HP CEO Leo Apotheker indicated that HP may be wiling to license its OS to be used by other device manufacturers. In an interview, Apotheker said, "I happen to believe that WebOS is a uniquely outstanding operating system. It's not correct to believe that it should only be on HP devices. There are all kinds of other people who want to make whatever kind of hardware they make and would like to connect them to the Internet. We'll make it available to enterprises and to SMBs. It will run on lots of HP devices."

HP just acquired webOS last year when it purchased Palm. The company has to date only released for sale the HP Veer running webOS, with several other devices (including the highly-anticipated HP TouchPad) promised to hit store shelves in the future. It seems at least a little premature for HP to be to talking about licensing its OS to others when it hasn't managed to make good on its own devices yet.

You can check out video of Apotheker's comment on All Things Digital's site.

What do you think? Should HP license webOS to be used by other device manufacturers? Would you be more or less likely to purchase a webOS device if the operating system was being run on hardware made by someone else?

[via AllThingsD]