Cougar 700M Mouse

Gaming comfortably

Cougar expanded its line of gaming mice today by launching an eSports version of its 700M. It includes most of the 700M's features but adds a "radically different look" along with a new coating to set it apart in appearance and tactile feel.

The 700M eSports consists of a folded aluminum chassis with an arched frame that's supposed to offer ergonomic support for gamer's palms. The frame is adjustable to accommodate different grip styles, and also interchangeable — users can swap the palm rest module with an included "Sport Mode" version that's a little narrower. No tools are required to change the palm rest.

You can also adjust the weight to your liking. A weight cartridge containing four 4.5 gram metal weights slides into the mouse's belly in case you want to add some heft to what's an otherwise lightweight rodent.

Cougar claims there's an aerodynamic design to the 700M eSports that allows your palm to breathe. It sounds like marketing hype to us, though if you tend towards sweaty palms during the heat of battle, we suppose the passive airflow scheme could be of some benefit.

The 700M eSports uses an 8,200 DPI laser gaming sensor. It also boasts eight programmable buttons, Omron gaming switches, 12,000 FPS frame rate, 150 IPS maximum tracking speed, 30G maximum acceleration, 1,000Hz/1ms polling rate, and adjustable lighting,

You can purchase the 700M eSports now in black or silver for $60

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