iPhone 4 Price Drop (Heading)

Alongside the iPhone 4S announcements today was the nearly overlooked fact that the prices of legacy iPhones are getting slashed. The 8GB iPhone 4 is now just $99. And the base-model 3GS (8GB)? It’s now officially a freebie phone.

Cutting prices on older versions may be nothing new, but there were people who badly wanted a budget iPhone offering today. And they got it — perhaps not in the way they wanted it — but it came nonetheless, and right before the holiday season to boot.

So despite whatever disappointment the tech webs may have about the Apple event, and whatever resulting exodus there may be from the platform, Cupertino’s legion of followers may not take as huge a hit as you might think. There is sure to be an influx of new users leveling it out.

Will you be among those ranks? Let us know if you’re poised to snatch up these bargain-priced devices, either for yourself or as a gift.