Cortana just added a new feature that’s going to make my life a heck of a lot easier. It finally allows users to add list items and, even better now syncs directly with Wunderlist.

Before you knock this, you need to know how incredible Wunderlist is in the first place. It lets you easily create and manage lists with multiple people. My wife and I use it for grocery shopping every week, but I also use it for everything from travel to daily reminders. When you’re done with something, check it off the list and it vanishes.

Cortana and Wunderlist together at last

Now, with Cortana and Wunderlist integration, I can ask my Windows 10 computer to create a new list for me. Or, if I need to add something to an existing list, I can just make the request. “Add Lemons to my Grocery List,” for example, adds lemons right to my app. I can say “add limes to my shopping list” and get them on the same one, despite the difference between the name “shopping” and “grocery” list. Another task, like “create a travel list,” flawlessly creates it. Everything is instantly in sync across my Wunderlist devices, including my iPhone and Google Pixel XL. The voice function works across devices, including Cortana on Android and iOS, too.

Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in June 2015, and I was actually pretty surprised that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update didn’t offer deeper integration with it. Now that’s solved, and I’ll never screw up the groceries again.