Microsoft on Friday announced a new update that will start rolling out to Cortana on Windows Phone devices.

The first feature Microsoft announced is a new Daily Glance evening option for folks who want to see what’s coming up at the end of the day. Prior to now, Daily Glance provided a quick look at the day, including upcoming appointments and the weather, but it didn’t fill you in on dinner meetings or other evening appointments. “Starting today, Cortana will show you travel time to home and upcoming items on your calendar so you’re sure to be on time for that dinner date or know to go to bed early for that 7 a.m. meeting,” Microsoft said.

Bing search results help make Cortana smarter and, now, if you search for musicians, Cortana will let you know about upcoming concerts in your area, complete with a link to purchase tickets for the show. The new option is called “Concert Watch” and can be found under the Music settings in Cortana settings. Flight information is also now part of Cortana, provided that you search for a specific flight through Cortana or at least twice in the same week. Flight updates will be available right in Cortana and on, though the feature is limited to the U.S. for now. Finally, Cortana can also now recommend applications based on your location.

Again, you should start seeing these new features on Windows Phone soon, if you don’t see them already.