Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 is a significant and necessary update for the survival of the company’s mobile OS. Not only do users get features such as notification center and some cool customization options, but it sports everyone’s favorite computer AI, Cortana, which was most famous for appearing in the Halo franchise. Microsoft is making some big promises with its personal smartphone assistant, and so far we really like what we’ve seen. But looking beyond her skills to provide you with the right information, how does Cortana fare as a comedian? Surprisingly well.

Cortana has shown us she’s more than capable of sending texts, providing directions, and telling us the weather. But Microsoft’s engineers have also injected her with plenty of wit and charm, making the experience that much more enjoyable. Doses of humor isn’t necessarily required to make a solid personal assistant, but it shows that plenty of thought and attention to detail was spent making Cortana into more of a human and less of a robot. It shows that the engineers actually enjoyed what they were creating.

From what we’ve seen, Cortana has proved she’s more than capable of keeping up with Google Now and Siri—and she’s maybe even pulled ahead in some aspects. But is she funny? That’s the real question. Yes, very. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day, right? They say laughter is the best medicine. Check out the video to see what kind of odd questions Cortana is capable of answering.