During E3 2015, Microsoft announced a new update heading to the Xbox One. It will include a dashboard, support for backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games and Microsoft’s Cortana intelligent voice assistant. You’ll need a Kinect to use Cortana, though.

That’s sort of unfortunate. On The TechnoBuffalo Show earlier this week, when our Editor-in-Chief Sean Aune and I were discussing the pros of having Cortana on the Xbox One — for things like notifications from your phone — we addressed this very topic. I had assumed that Microsoft was going to allow any voice input to control Cortana, whether it was through the Xbox Kinect or through a headset microphone.

In a recent promotional video that highlights the all new Xbox One experience and shows how one might use Cortana to see if someone is online, or to find the next quest during a game, Microsoft specifically says “Kinect required for Cortana speech recognition. Cortana available in select jurisdictions only.”

That’s kind of a bummer for folks who don’t own a Kinect. Maybe Microsoft will extend support at a later time. Check out the promo below, or our gallery above, for a closer look at the experience.