Microsoft on Friday released another holiday-themed attack ad against Apple, simultaneously humiliating the iPhone 6 Plus and Siri. Microsoft has spent a lot of energy pointing out Siri's flaws while showcasing what the company's own personal assistant, Cortana, is capable of. And it's true: Cortana is an amazing piece of software that is sadly stuck under the weight of Windows Phone, which can't seem to crack the mobile market.

In the ad, Cortana sounds incredibly realistic, natural, while Siri is dull and robotic. That's the point. Beyond telling Cortana that she got bigger, Siri is unable to "give reminders based on who calls or texts," or anything else Microsoft's personal assistant is capable of. It's a drubbing, and then comes Cortana's real zinger.

"No, seriously, I just got bigger," Siri says.

"That's ok, it happens to everyone this time of year," Cortana responds.

The joke being that people tend to plump up during the holidays.

We put Siri against Cortana earlier this year, which you can check out in the link below. Microsoft's digital assistant is mighty impressive, and a major part of the Windows Phone experience. She's part Siri, part Google Now, and apparently pretty sassy according to the video above.

Check it out and have a quick laugh.