Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant is slowly making her way to other platforms. She's already available in beta on Android, for example, and now the company is kicking off its beta testing on iOS.

Microsoft recently launched a recruiting page where potential testers will need to tell the company what iPhone model they have, their Microsoft Insider email address and other simple questions. The company said it will limit the beta testing in China and the U.S. at first, but that it will "start sending out download links over email to bring users on-board in the coming weeks." So, if you have any interest in giving it a whirl, you should probably sign up for the beta.

Cortana is capable of plenty of things: telling you sports scores, the weather, allowing you to set reminders and more. On iOS, however, she doesn't currently support the "Hey Cortana" command to wake her up. Hit the source to get started in the beta program now.