Microsoft on Tuesday discussed the future of Cortana. It touched on the support that will eventually come to Xbox One, which we learned about yesterday, and it provided a launch date for Cortana on Android.

Microsoft said the Cortana for Android application will launch in July and will serve “as a companion to Windows 10 PCs.” The company also said that an iOS device is coming soon, which we already knew, but it didn’t say exactly when that version of its intelligent voice assistant will launch.

Cortana works really well, and can be used to remind you when to do something, provide you with the score of your favorite sports team, alert you of the weather and much more. If you ask for a reminder on your Android phone and, later in the day, you’re using your Xbox One when it’s time for a reminder, Cortana will alert you right on the gaming console. It’s sounds like a pretty amazing and borderless experience, and you can see how it works in the gallery above.

Windows 10 is due out on July 29 and you’ll want a Windows 10 computer for the full experience, though it’s by no means required. We’ll let you know as soon as you can download the Android (and iOS) app.