Microsoft on Monday announced that its Cortana voice assistant is now in public beta on Android, which means you no longer have to be a private beta tester just to give it a try.

Cortana will no doubt have an uphill battle competing with Google Now on Android, which is almost flawless, but Microsoft has a leg-up with Windows 10 users, who now have access to Cortana right on the desktop. Cortana should offer a relatively familiar experience to folks who have used other voice assistants, such as Siri, and she can provide information on nearby movie times, sports scores, your calendar, reminders and more. The public beta also lets you set Cortana as the default assistant that’s pulled up through a long press on the home button.

The Cortana for Android public beta is only available to users in the U.S., but Microsoft said it eventually plans to open it up to more users. Download it by following the source link below, which will ask you to sign up as an official beta testter, and let us know what you think.