Cortana will soon make its way to the lockscreen on Android smartphones, according to MsPoweruser. Microsoft recently launched a brand new version of Cortana for iOS and Android, which totally revamps the user interface, and my guess is that this is going to be included in the next big update.

MSPoweruser explained that, once the new version of Cortana is installed, users will have the option to enable Cortana on the lock screen inside of the setup menu. "After that, a simple Cortana logo will show up near the bottom of your lock screen and you can swipe the logo left or right to open up the Cortana panel," the website explained.

The splash screen that you swipe to will provide you information from Cortana, including things like the weather, upcoming appointments and other data related to information you've provided in the Cortana Notebook on your phone or PC.

Cortana everywhere

This is just another example of how Microsoft plans to bring Cortana everywhere. We're still waiting to learn a bit more about what Cortana's role in the house will be — there doesn't seem to be a home assistant similar to Google Home or Amazon Echo on the horizon — but getting Cortana in more places is a better started.