Last we heard, Microsoft’s Cortana app for Android was scheduled to arrive sometime this month. The official release is still nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t stop the app from leaking out a bit early on Friday.

Cortana for Android looks pretty similar to the Windows version. You can ask her questions, or pull up data on upcoming events, locations nearby, weather and news. You can also access a “notebook” where Cortana lists all the information she has on you. You can delete anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Unfortunately, you can’t wake the app up by saying “Hey Cortana” like on Windows Phone. Other features, like the ability to send messages over the app are missing as well. Multiple reports suggest the leaked app works just fine, though you’re obviously taking a risk downloading anything from an unofficial source.

It’s unclear how long this leak will stay up, so act fast if you’re interested in trying out Cortana. Then again, we’re guessing this means the official release can’t be far off either. Hopefully it’s not too long before Microsoft officially brings its digital assistant to both Android and iOS.