Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse-3

A mouse for lefties and righties

It seems that the blueprint for a gaming mouse these days is that it has to sport more buttons than you can count on one hand, have a funky design, leave out left-handed gamers, and cost a king’s ransom. None of those are true of Corsair’s new Katar gaming mouse.

Corsair is pitching the Katar as a “simple and deadly choice for gamers” involved in competitive multiplayer games. Supposedly the top pro-gaming teams from the around the world helped design the final product, which is a compact and ultra-light (85 grams) rodent with an ambidextrous profile.

To keep things simple, the Katar has just four programmable buttons. It also boasts an 8,000 DPI sensor with on-the-fly DPI tuning, 1,000Hz polling, and a pro-player mode that configures the rodent the same way that some pro gamers prefer.

Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse-4

“Pro Player Mode allows gamers to take advantage of pre-configured performance and tuning settings used by the world’s top players, giving them the professional edge without years of practice,” Corsair explains. “For those who want to play their own way, four fully programmable buttons allow you to take control with extensive customization options, for anything from a simple re-map, to applying complex multi-stage macros.”

Let’s be real, the Katar isn’t going to turn a rookie gamer into a professional player just like a pair of LeBron XIII kicks from Nike won’t get you in the NBA if you can’t hit a jump shot. However, the Katar won’t put the squeeze on your wallet, either — it’s priced at $40 MSRP, making it one of the more affordable gaming mice out there.

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