Gorilla Glass 2Gorilla Glass 2 is here, and it's thinner (by 20%!), stronger and features new glass composition that makes it a huge evolutionary leap from its predecessor. The glass, which Corning unveiled at CES 2012, will enable for slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images and greater touch sensitivity, the company said, allowing companies more design flexibility with future technology.

"We knew Corning Gorilla Glass could get even better. So, in response to our customers' drive toward thinner form factors, we designed this new glass to enable meaningful reduction in thickness without sacrificing the outstanding glass performance for which Gorilla Glass has become highly recognized," said James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials.

The world will get a taste for Gorilla Glass 2 when it is first released with Windows-based laptop PCs early this year, although no date has been pegged as of yet. Expect more products to come equipped with Gorilla Glass 2 in the coming months as well.

"This glass, along with Windows operating system innovations from Microsoft, will help deliver exceptional beauty, performance, and toughness for new Windows PCs."

Corning previously teased Gorilla Glass 2 last week. The company promises to showcase the performance and benefits of its new glass standard tomorrow, January 10, through Friday, January 13. Currently, Gorilla Glass has been adopted by over 30 brands worldwide, spanning more than 500 products.