Lotus GlassAmongst the troves of TVs, smartphones and that one ridiculously huge speaker, one company in particular stood out without all the glamour and flash. In fact, it earned an Editors' Choice Award from TechnoBuffalo. Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2, announced the company has been tapped to team up with Samsung to create specialty glass substrates for future OLED displays.

The partnership, which will be based in Korea, will combine Corning's Lotus Glass with Samsung Mobile Display's OLED expertise, with plans to develop handheld and IT devices, as well as large TVs and beyond.

Samsung Mobile Display has led the global display industry by constantly seeking innovations and challenging current technologies' limits. We are confident that combining our business powers with Corning's technology leadership will deliver greater value to our clients.

The new Lotus Glass substrate makes the perfect candidate for OLED technology because it delivers "higher processing temperatures and improved dimensional stability needed to produce the new high performance displays." So in addition to having the strength of Gorilla Glass, Corning's new Lotus substrate will allow for faster response time, less power consumption, higher resolutions, and increased picture quality.

What I want to know is, where was this when the Wii came out?

[via BGR]