What if you could take a picture just by blinking? I know, it sounds like something out of I Dream of Jeannie, but what if a feat of technology like this actually existed? That's what 24-year-old designer Mimi Zou imagines via a new camera concept called Iris, which uses eye-tracking and biometric detection to create a pretty magical photographic experience.

Users zoom in by squinting, and opening those peepers wide open can zoom it out. Wanna snap the pic? Just hold that gaze and blink twice, Jeannie-style. The digital display mounted on one end backs the shutter and sensors, and the Iris will also learn its users over identifying traits like nearsightedness or other specifics.

This might seem crazy, if not for the designer. Zou, as an intern, was part of the team that developed the Nike+ SportBand. And she also helped in the development of the media:scape digital conferencing system. With cred solidly in tact, she has the chops to drive this project. That is, if she can get funding for manufacturing. People have been recommending Kickstarter to her, and she hasn't ruled that out yet, so it might not be long before this idea goes into crowd-source-funding territory.

If it goes to Kickstarter, would you support it? Whether this or something else, could you see yourself using a physically triggered device?

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