Let’s face it — you know those holiday decorations are going to be hanging around until late January. So why not make them something you’ll love to look at? Nix the reindeer or tinsel, and stock up on some geek-approved trifles that will keep you merry well into the new year.

Once you start digging in, you’ll see that the marketplace is chock full of techie-themed ornaments. Here are a few of our favorites.

QR Code – Seasons Greetings! Ornaments – $14.95

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Red Mushroom Power Up Christmas Ornament – $7.95

Kurt S. Adler 10-Light Star Wars Plastic Yoda Light Set (30-Inch Lead Wire and 12-Inch Spacing) – $25 

Circuit Board Ornament – $12.50

Video Game Console Ornaments – $35

And along similar lines, last year’s favorite gamer ornaments return this year:

Video Game Controller Ornaments – $30

Then there’s the DIY approach. Dig into your tech graveyard, i.e. that dusty drawer/closet, and start pulling parts.

Not handy with the hardware? Then use those cardboard smartphone dummies that came with your case or skin (or just print up a bunch of images on thick card stock), and put some string on those suckers.

You can also keep it crafty by slapping some blue and white paint — or a marker and some white-out — on a silver ball ornament. Keep a steady hand, though. You’d do well to let the force be with you.

Still too much trouble? Well, what about a project that just takes a pair of scissors and some spare CDs? If you’re like most geeks, you may have some leftover spindles of disks lying around with no purpose, which means you have plenty of extras, in case you goof.

How are you tricking out your abode for the holidays? Staying traditional, or going full-blast geek chic? Let us know in the comments.